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Down by the rabbit Hole • Disney Inspired Wonderland Exhibit • Free Event • Singapore • Photo by Phoebe Powell • Artatler Marketplace • Artatler.com

8 Affordable Art and Performance Events in April – Alice-in-Wonderland Exhibit, Instagrammable Minimalist Art, 1-for-1 Tickets

by Sammi Kor April 11, 2019

Catch Alice in Wonderland in ArtScience Museum, and get 1-for-1 tickets to Minimalism: Space.Light.Object in Singapore closing 14th April!
SAW Singapore Art Week 2019 Gallery Guide

When Art Takes Over - Singapore Art Week 2019

by Artatler Admin January 19, 2019

Explore the wide range of visual art galleries with the Singapore Art Week 2019 Gallery Guide! Singapore is filled with many galleries showcasing a diverse variety of art.

Singapore - The Ultimate Destination for Artwork Lovers

by Artatler Admin September 15, 2018

Singapore is one of the places you should reckon with. You have a choice of broad-spectrum artwork spaces, and some of the must visit museums and art galleries in Singapore are as follows ...
Masked Man Dancing In Tune Tao Dance Singapore Art Hub Artatler Online Art Gallery

Singapore Is The Asian Hub For Beautiful Art - Art Events You MUST Visit

by Artatler Admin August 23, 2018

The art events in Singapore are an unprecedented and one of their kind visual treats to the eyes. These fests will definitely satiate your thirst for quality art. If you are into arts, a visit to Singapore is the must ...

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