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The Importance of Artistic Community For Young Artist

September 29, 2018

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We just finished reading the heart-felt sharing written by a young artist from this blog "The struggles of a young artist in India" about the importance of artistic community for young artists and promoting the growing, healthy ecosystem to support and level up competition amongst artists.

There are very few platforms that are willing to take the risk of promoting new artists. The imbalance between the number of students graduating and the availability of opportunities leads to internal competition amongst the artists who then stand against each other as opposed to standing with one another. It also makes it difficult for a new artist to have a stable income - Devki Modi.

This is the key reason why Artatler Online Gallery believes in their 3 pillars of vision: Connecting Artists, Connecting Art Community and Connecting Art for Humanity Projects. The gallery believes that every artist should be given a chance to grow, learn from each other and to support the ecosystem.

The scarcity of good infrastructure like the easy availability of independent studio spaces, open calls for artists and jobs made it difficult to break through. Interning and participating at art fairs facilitated me in exhibiting my work as much as possible. Even so, most of the times there is very little or no follow up at all from the interested buyers whom I met at the fair. - Devki Modi

There is a stigma of being an artist being able to support themselves once they stepped their feet on the real life, however it's gradually changing with the rise of digital platforms, gig economy, freelancing opportunities, and especially the online, artistic community like Artatler Online Gallery.

As a young artist, in my opinion it is very important to be a part of an artistic community and cultivate healthy relationships with peers. This not only helps to create an alliance but also facilitates interactions that can help nurture each other’s practice.  I believe that creating a free open studio space where artists can meet, interact, converse and critique each other’s work could be one of the stepping-stones to make the transition from a student to a struggling emerging artist more comfortable. - Devki Modi

Artist should not be discouraged, as there are more and more platforms or community and people who believe that art industry can flourish. Artatler Online Gallery believes in opening the opportunities for your artist and working together with other artistic community without exclusivity and prejudice. To contact and submit your artwork with Artatler Online Gallery - click Contact Us here.

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