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#MadeInMalaysia | She Makes Tiny Everyday Things Based on Malaysian Culture

February 16, 2019

Lim Pui Wan Miniature Artist Malaysia Artatler Gallery

Lim Pui Wan is a Kuala Lumpur based artist who creates breathtaking miniature art based on Malaysian culture. She is also known as PicoWorm where Pico means a tremendously small unit in the metric system and Worm is derived from the word “bookworm”.

Her creativity started during secondary school, when Lim Pui Wan was 14 years old, her sister gave her a book about miniatures from Taiwan. After reading the book she began to fall in love with miniature art and that was where her journey began in the miniature world.

“I’ve been dreaming to be a miniature artist when I was studying in secondary school and university. I always longed to make miniatures for living. So after I graduated I put my foot down to make it as my career,” said Pui Wan.

Story & Source Credit: Vulcan Post

Video Credit: Atlas Obscura

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