#MadeInVietnam | 168,000 Used Plastic Straws For Parting of Plastic Sea

February 02, 2019 0 Comments

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Vietnamese artist Von Wong's latest project, “The Parting of the Plastic Sea” was made from 168,000 used plastic straws. This project was a collaboration between the artist, Zero Waste Saigon, Starbucks Vietnam, and hundreds of volunteers - in which they spent about 6 months to collect used straws to make this wonderful 3.3m (10 ft+) art installation.

Although he could have paid only $10 dollars for 100,000 straws, he decided not to do so, in order to raise awareness about pollution and hazards due to tonnes of plastic thrown into the ocean every 60 seconds. Thousands of used straws were donated by volunteers everyday during the art project.

“Its just one straw, said 8 billion people” a quote from the artist.

Strawpocalypse Von Wong Art Creation Process Artatler Blog Artatler.com(Photo Source: blog.vonwong.com)

Strawpocalypse Von Wong Art Installation Process Artatler Blog Artatler.com(Photo Source: blog.vonwong.com)

Story Source & Credit: VonWong's Blog

Video Credit: Von Wong's YouTube

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