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Ajat Ali Bahar


I believe that art is a means to reach a soul fulfillment, a peaceful mind in a peaceful world. The artwork is an expression of truthfulness which emerges from conscience deep within.

About myself can be put forward briefly as follows. I probably belong to the past generation. I'm 74 years old and I started to learn to draw pictures when in college. I still draw at present in my studio. I think I can't stop drawing and that is the only life I have lived for. I was born in a small town Kandangan located in South Borneo province Indonesia.

My regular residence is located in West Java which is also my painting studio. My paintings have been sold quite many times all those years. They have been bought by foreigners from abroad. The buyers come from Europe, USA, Asian countries mostly Korean and Japanese. One painting of koi fish in pink has been bought by someone from a ballet school in Moscow. The latest sale occurred in mid-2018, a painting of mangroves wood and a fishing boat. This painting has flown to Zurich.

Money is not the main satisfaction but the happiness come from a feeling of being appreciated and the work being respectable.

My reason for joining Artatler for me is to get a chance to build the belief in my ability or self-confidence, and with it and with you I will hopefully be given the support to move onward..and my work may contribute to artwork community in the world.

To Artatler let me convey my gratefulness for your invitation to join you. Thank you very much.


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