I am a simple designer with a big dream. I have been working as a designer since 2009. As a fresh graduate from The National School of Design (NSD) at Swinburne University in Australia, I started my work as a Junior Product Designer for a prestigious office furniture company in Jakarta, Indonesia. During my employment for the company, I created some Government award winning office furniture.

As I loved new career challenges, I took up a new opportunity with a higher responsibility as a Design and Engineering Manager for a different company. Within the company, I was promoted as a Product Design Manager, responsible for promoting one of biggest office companies from Germany.

Few years later, I had to follow my call as a mother and I resigned from my professional career. As my child is growing up, I am now able to find more time to further my passion in fashion as a Fashion Designer and working together with my business partner.

We built a team developing our own clothing line (exploring experimentations in patchwork clothing for many varieties of national fabrics such as "bateeq", "lureeq", and woven fabrics. Our clothing line is labeled "Machaa". It is a new initiative and has been running since April 2018. Hope from our works, people will respect and love as well as proud to wear Indonesian local products.

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