Evgeniya Maltseva

Evgeniya Maltseva Painting Artist Russia Artatler Online Gallery

I have been engaged in art for 25 years, starting with the art school. Later I graduated from the Art Lyceum (Izhevsk), the Art-Graphic department at the Udmurt University (Izhevsk), the Graduate School of the Russian Academy of Arts (Kazan), the School of Contemporary Art (Moscow), and also was accepted in the Academy of Arts (London).

I have also participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Holland, Monaco, England, China and India. Have done 5 personal exhibitions (Kazan, Moscow, Trivandrum (India) twice have received awards for innovation in modern art in Inter regional competition in the field of modern academic art «Against the stream» in 2012 and 2014. And in 2015, 2016, 2017 was winner of the scholarship of Ministry of culture of Russian Federation. I am a member of the Union of Russian Artists and in the Creative Union of Russian Artists. My works are in the private and museum collections of Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and India.

My art is closely linked with my life.

I am an artist who works with a “problem” as a major theme. Through art I want to repair the broken details of life. In the "SONG of SONGS" project, it's interesting for me to study the topic of relations between a man and a woman, to find, to examine, to dissect, to remove a tumor, to sew, and then to rehabilitate it. To collect the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of this kind of relationship.

In the project "CONTROL AND OBSERVATIONAL POINT OF PHALLOTHERAPY"   (http://maltseva.ru.com/en/projects/2/ ) I considered the physiological aspect of the relationship, the life of the body, meat, phallus, guts and uterus.

In the project "MASCULIN" ( http://maltseva.ru.com/en/projects/3/ ) personality separated from the relationship, its triumphant body began to realize itself as an independent unit, constantly searching for the ground under feet, timely falling into quicksand with no support. A person does not stand on the ground; only pieces of regenerating flesh are highlighted.

In the "SPIRITUAL WARFARE" project ( http://maltseva.ru.com/en/projects/4/ ) there is no body, it is so tormented and exhausted that it no longer exists not to feel pain, only the Spirit remains, only a desperate search for God. Then the end comes.

The project "SONG OF SONGS" ( http://maltseva.ru.com/en/projects/7/ ) is a fundamentally new stage in my life and my art. In order to reach it I did not painted pictures for almost 2 years, all my time was spent for spiritual and psychotherapeutic practices. I went to my homeland, to the city of Izhevsk in order to return to myself, to hear my Sound, my Song of Songs.

"Song of Songs" is the canonical book of the Old Testament attributed to King Solomon. Including - this is a pre-wedding song, this is a transition to a new state from a girl to a bride, from the bride to the wife. Therefore, at the opening of the exhibition, I created a performance – I got officially married.

The questions I ask in this project are: What is love? Why do we need relationships, family today? ... For someone it's a way of self-realization, self-affirmation, for someone catching a dopamine rush from falling in love, for someone escaping from loneliness. Some take it as an unconscious movement called "tradition"; for someone the family is an incubator for co-growing children. I believe that the topic of relations is a sore point in society, I see a lot of lies, hypocrisy, "masks" of well-being, anger, resentment, expectations, claims, accusations, disappointments, suffering and remoteness in relationships that were once magical. Schopenhauer very accurately noted, "When people come into close communication among themselves, their behavior resembles porcupines, trying to keep warm on a cold winter night. They are cold, they cling to each other, but the harder they do it, the more they prick each other with their long needles. Forced to break up because of the pain of the pricks, they again come together because of the cold, and so - all night long. Why is this happening time after time, relations for relationships? People "consume" each other to meet their needs and desires, even when they are trying to do something nice. In this project, I try to find a way out, the "root of evil" and the solution of these problems, starting from the Old Testament book "The Song of Songs", believing that the answer is in God. What is love now, in the 21-st century? What is the relationship of the soul with God now, in the 21st century? I transfer the heroes of religious, mythological books into present. 

For the first time I am doing a project without any guidance and supervision, it's my Song of Songs, free from my own prejudices and the opinions of society, artists, critics, art critics, family, religion, teachers, friends. This exhibition is about accepting myself, so it has a lot of self-portraits. While working on them I meet with myself.