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Good Art Should Be Shared.

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The meaning of Artatler

ARTATLER Art Online Gallery combines "Art" and "Tatler" to bring "new meaning" of the word "luxury".  We believe that luxury lies in quality craftsmanship, the ability to bring community together and the joy of spreading kindness

What kind of artworks do we promote

We are an international art gallery selling artists collections of best photographs, paintings, illustrations, mixed media, digital art, exclusive goods and more - for modern and luxury lifestyle. We sell worldwide and open for collaborations, projects, commissions, and more.

Our 3 pillars of vision 

Artist Support Art Community Support Art for Humanity Artatler Online Gallery Artatler.com

ARTATLER Gallery also believes in the concept of collaboration with art creators and spreading kindness through art, because good art should be shared with many, hence one of our slogan.

Our online gallery works closely with artistic individuals, be it painters, photo artists, interior designers, and others - some have accumulated many years of experience and have at some points received numerous accolades and community recognitions.

To Artatler, art means trusting the process, believing the concept behind the artwork, and a homage of humanity. 

New meaning of luxury

What is the meaning of luxury? Quality and not price? Big names like Dior and Lanvin? Yes, maybe, but it's not enough. Luxury involves a much wider concept. This term has been changing its exclusive "richness symbol" meaning in time. Today luxury involves exclusiveness, nearly uniqueness, and not because it is addressed to few people, because it's special instead. 

Craftsmanship is luxury. A product is luxe when it is handmade, tailored for few. Luxury meaning exclusiveness. Are status symbols luxury? Yes, sometimes. Not necessarily. Here you go, luxury is to be intended as a byword for exclusiveness, research, experimentation, purity, class, discrete richness. Showing your richness. 

Content Source: "what is the meaning of luxury" by renowned Editor-in-Chief, Franca Sozzani


Artistically yours

Martin, Artatler.com Curator

(1) Tatler (Oxford Dictionary) = a British magazine, published once a month and containing articles about upper class and upper-middle-class social events, fashion and the arts. It was first published in 1901

(2) Tatler (Urban Dictionary) = An astute observer and a perspicacious individual. Often having the poise of a noble descent. 

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