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Fine Art Shipping-Artatler Online
(Submitted photo of canvas print by UPS delivery from customer)


Importance of Proper Packaging

Note that your artwork may have to pass through a number of different centers, hands that handle your parcel / package roughly and poorly, as well as climate conditions (especially for international shipments). It is important that you follow the information in this guideline to ascertain that your artwork is packaged professionally and reaches the buyer / collector’s hands in perfect condition..

We cannot stress enough that inadequate packaging will damage your artworks i.e. abrasion of the artwork surface due to inadequate wrapping and padding. Loose artwork inside the packaging will get damaged (especially the corners your artwork) due to the friction and improper handling during the pick up, transport, shipping and delivery. Pressure from the weights of other articles on top of your artwork (while being in transit), can potentially break your artwork.

It is necessary to prepare and do the correct type of packaging to protect your artwork. Make your outer packaging sturdy, your inner packaging with sufficient buffering materials, include waterproof layering when necessary, more protection for the corners, enough wrappings / padding

Artwork Packaging Guideline

Click here to download ARTATLER Artwork Packaging Guidelines.

We suggest you use this as a guideline. You are also free to engage professional services to do the packaging and pick up, from popular logistics company such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, USPS.



Artatler Online Gallery will be responsible for collecting billing and shipping address from the purchaser and for processing payment for such purchases via the Artatler Online Gallery site.

Digital Printing Products Shipping

For Digital printing products (such as photo printing, canvas printing, framed photo printing, merchandise printing and the like) - Artatler Online Gallery works with the largest on-demand art printing vendor (with 12+ fullfillment center across continents and 4+ countries) which will be responsible for worldwide shipping the purchased artwork displayed on our website.

Here are some information, when you've made a sale for digital printing products:

  1. Gallery Arranges Everything
    From sending confirmation / notification email to purchaser (on purchase order, payment receipt, shipping details, and more)

  2. Receive / Request Payment
    Upon successful purchase and payment by the purchaser (collector), the Gallery will process your payment at the end of the month and make payment to your PayPal / Stripe account the following month. Check our Artist FAQ - When will I be paid? 

    If you are a PayPal user, you can request payment for the payable amount (Artatler Gallery Artists are not charged processing fees when requesting payment through Paypal). If you do not have PayPal account, you can always create one.

    Requesting Payment through PayPal - learn more

Non-Digital Printing Products Shipping

For NON-digital printing products (such as painting, sculpture, fine china, glass art, jewelery art, and the like) here are the important steps, when you've made a sale for your NON-digital printing products:

  1. Receive Purchaser Details
    We will provide the you with the name and address of the purchaser and, unless otherwise instructed in writing by Artatler Online Gallery, you will be responsible for shipping the purchased artwork directly to the purchaser.

  2. Agree to Ship Artwork
    You agree to ship the purchased artwork to the purchaser within three (3) days following the date of purchase. If you do not ship the purchased artwork to the purchaser within the required timeframe, then the sale may be cancelled.

  3. Arrange a Courier for Pick Up
    You can either arrange by a courier of our choice (UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS) for a pick up or deliver the artwork yourself to their shipping office. If you are to have a pick up service, it it important to immediately arrange this service the moment you receive the sale notification. 

  4. Receive Follow Up
    Artatler Online Gallery will follow up by email / call with you within two (2) - three (3) days to make sure that you have arranged the pick up / shipping.

  5. Acknowledge Gallery Documents
    You are to acknowledge that you have read, agreed, and understood our Artatler Artwork Packaging Guideline (PDF attached as a link above) by writing email to us or by acknowledging this in our Artwork Submission Form (this form can be sent to you prior setting up your artworks for sale). This is to ensure that you know how to properly package your artwork for shipment

  6. Include Certificate of Authenticity
    You are to include a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) inside the package with your artwork. Artatler Gallery will provide you with the template.

  7. Send Photo Evidences
    Please send a photo(s) to us, of your packaging as an evidence that you have packaged your artwork properly.

  8. Notify Gallery of Shipping Details
    You are notify Artatler Online Gallery in writing the shipment details and tracking code, as well as providing us with the copy of your shipping documents for our keeping. (This is to avoid dispute arising from the collector / purchaser regarding the shipping information)

  9. Receive / Request for Payment 
    After seven (7) days from the date of delivery of your artwork to the purchaser, you can request for payment. At the end of the 7th day (SGT), Gallery will notify you by email about the funds availability for payout to you, including the amount payable.

    If you are a PayPal user, you can request payment for the payable amount (Artatler Gallery Artists are not charged processing fees when requesting payment through Paypal). If you do not have PayPal account, you can always create one. Also, we can always arrange a special money remittance on case by case basis (using Money Gram, Western Union, or other popular remittance system) - however, such method might require us to impose a transfer and exchange fee to you.

    Requesting Payment through PayPal - learn more

Additional Notes:


Additional Information Regarding Artwork Shipping & Delivery



Yes. We ship to all over the world. 

We ship all of our products via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS depending on the destination. We have 14 manufacturing facilities located in five different countries. Your products will ship from the facility that is nearest your destination address. The transit time to your destination will depend on your location in the world, the location of the manufacturing facility.

An important note is, please be advised that international shipments might include duties and taxes, customs and clearance fees. These fees may be imposed at the country of destination, payable by you to the courier company. Failure to make payment might result in shipment delays, that might cause return of artworks and further costs to you.

We work closely with our well-established printing vendor to provide quality shipping to you. Our printing vendor has been in the business since 2006 and has supported more than 100,000 artists and millions of purchases.


( EFFECTIVE 30 MAY 2018 )


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